Googling Beckett

Googling Beckett

Sometimes a random typing error can make my whole day.
I meant to enter the snippet of text I can’t go on, I’ll go on. How did poop become Google’s (sole!) suggestion for the letter p? Did someone really search for this? If so, somewhere there is a constipated English major waiting for an answer that will never come. Which is so Beckett.
i wish i were dead mug

Great Gifts for Depressed Friends!

Hey, everybody! Have you been struggling with what to get for those desperately unhappy people in your life? Why wait for an official holiday? (After all, they could be dead by then.) Sad, lonely people are grateful for the smallest gesture and may even feel a flicker of hope before their inexorable fall back into the bottomless pit of despair. Kudos to you, gift-giver!i wish i were dead mugThe “I Wish I Were Dead” mug from makes a lovely gift for a disillusioned co-worker. And it’s grammatically correct, so it’s also a great gift for your insufferable ex-English major friends who’ll probably live to a ripe old age because they can’t finish editing their suicide notes.

Give Up poster kitten

What about a gift for that friend who is teetering on the edge, who hasn’t fully submitted to dejection? The folks at can help. They have a whole range of products that drive home the laughable futility of hope.

apathy wristband

Finally, here’s an honest fashion statement from our pal Archie McPhee. Every time your loved one looks at his pristine wrist, he will be reminded of your generosity and his true outlook on life. Hopefully, he will at least take off that yellow One-Balled Bicyclist band for good! Just make sure it’s taken off before cremation—burning rubber is bad for the environment! Have a great day!

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