Best Suicide Note Ever!

Proper execution (pun intended) is crucial for the note’s irony to be appreciated, considering the decedent’s inability to explain.

Typewritten, in a sealed envelope found in a pocket, are the words, “I was cleaning my gun when it accidentally went off.”


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  1. anditsgone46
    anditsgone46 says:

    I like that; that is an original way to leave your loved ones dealing with your spattered brain matter, not to mention a total moronic way to try to conceal the fact that you planned the festivities; kind of reminds me of welcome back kotters Signed My Mother notes…

  2. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    @anditsgone46: I see it as the last ironic joke of a smartass. If you read further into it, the real irony is that the dead guy won’t be around to see if anybody gets the joke.

    There’s nothing humorous about suicide and thoughts of suicide plague many people. I feel that pulling it into the light and laughing at it, realizing those thoughts are a shared experience, dilutes its depressive power.

    Okay, that sounded like a bullshit dissertation. I just think it’s funny and hope others will, too.


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