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Thoreau, Volume 2: Still Sh*tty After All These Years

I had a pretty good idea when I penned Henry David Thoreau: Beloved Bullshit Artist in 2017 for Worldwide Weird Holidays that few would care. But those who did take notice also took umbrage. Some were angry I’d devalued their Thoreau memes, as if such a thing were possible. Another felt I’d insulted the grandchildren […]

Magick Sandwich

My Busy Life

File this one under You Waited Over a Whole Year to Blog and You Did THIS? As a self-involved person—and, really, we all are unless we’re in a dissociative state—I thought, wow, my life is so interesting! Why don’t I share a window into my diseased psyche to show you all the muy importante things […]

Anthony Weiner Watch 2018

Weiner Watch 2018: Your Dad’s Not So Bad

There are all sorts of reasons Father’s Day can suck, most having to do with some combination of unrealized expectations, righteous ingratitude, and too much (or too little) alcohol. But it could be worse: your dad could be Anthony Weiner. Imagine, if you will, that on July 31, 2015, your daddy is babysitting you while your […]

one more stupid baby name

One More Stupid Baby Name

Would the world keep turning without the addition of one more stupid baby name? Thanks to Pete Wentz, we can put off finding out for one more day. He and girlfriend Meagan Camper have named their newborn Marvel Jane Wentz. Was Intellectual Property Infringement already taken? She joins big brother Saint Lazslo and half-brother Bronx Mowgli, who […]

6 things you should never tell cancer patient

6 Things You Should Never Tell a Cancer Patient

Five years ago, on June 1, 2012, I found out that, like one in eight women in America, I had breast cancer. Within a two-week period, one of our cats died, my husband lost his job, his aunt passed away and, while he was in Illinois attending her funeral, I got the news by phone. […]

I'm Radioactive - Laughing at Cancer - Magick Sandwich

I’m Radioactive – Laughing at Cancer

June 31, 2012: On Friday, I had a radioactive seed implanted to mark the exact site of my cancerous breast tumor. The isotope is Iodine 125 with a strength of .13 millicuries.  Though Marie Curie was a pioneer in radiation research, she died as a result of long-term exposure.  It’s silly, I know, but the use […]

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Henry David Thoreau, Beloved Bullsh*t Artist

Today is the 200th anniversary of Henry David Thoreau’s birth on July 12, 1817. The fondness and nostalgia his name evokes are undeniable. National Simplicity Day was created many years ago to commemorate his birthday each year. But romantic notions of Thoreau’s retreat into nature don’t stand up to scrutiny. While his conclusions may be valid, […]

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