Can’t Make this Stuff Up: Death Row Edition

A death row inmate in Texas wants to donate his body to an artist who will turn it into fish food. Then people will be able to feed him to goldfish in an aquarium set up in an art gallery.

Gene Hathorn killed his own family. Marco Evaristti, the artist, once hosted a dinner party and served meatballs in sauce he made from his own liposuctioned fat.

Is it wrong that I think these guys sound pretty interesting? In fact, I’m feeling so inspired, I’m going to invite my friends over right now. I’ve got some art in my toilet I want them to see.

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  1. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    @Mary: Hubby got very upset by this. He thinks the guy should do something good for humanity by donating organs to dying people. I said even though he's a murderer, he's not obliged to do that.

    He also said the artist is using this as a publicity stunt. But,like his exhibit where he put goldfish in a blender and invited visitors to turn it on and kill them, he is raising questions about capital punishment and the relative value put on lives.

    This was meant to be a smartass observation, not a debate igniter.

    @alapoet: After working for plastic surgeons for years, I've seen a lot of liposuctioned fat. I remember one time when the hazardous waste box leaked and I had to clean the mess off the floor.No amount of seasoning could get me to eat that guy's meatballs.


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