Armageddon Time

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I guess it was inevitable that something on my computer would become corrupted. Look who it’s been associating with all these years.

While we are metaphorically stuck between floors listening to The Girl from Ipanema, I suggest you check out the Manhattan Airport Foundation, an organization devoted to converting Central Park into an airport. Complete with architectural designs, proposals for incorporating some of Olmsted’s original works into the concourse and support from environmental groups, it is well-done and a hoot to peruse.

It presents itself in every way as a legitimate site, save for the fact that its offices are located on the 58th floor of a 57-story building. No doubt, many of the more than 85,000 people who signed the site’s petition aren’t in on the joke. You can also hop on the shuttle to its Facebook page and check out the many seemingly earnest supporters of converting Central Park into an airport.

I always thought it would make a great water slide. Six Flags, are you listening?

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  1. Kathcom Spouse
    Kathcom Spouse says:

    Kathcom's spouse (a.k.a. "Hubby") will be hard at work restoring her laptop to full health. I have discovered that bloggers can actually begin belching flames when denied access to the blogosphere, so I have an active incentive to hurry things along.

  2. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    @Don: He occasionally reads by the light of those flames. He's immune. Why pave D.C.? I want to drive a Jetski in the reflecting pool like they did in Idiocracy.

    @Nanny Goats: I like how the site claims its green because it won't kill geese like other airports. It will just take away their habitat so they'll leave 'naturally.'

    @brookeamanda: Hubby couldn't fix it so he took it to an IT guy at work who resuscitated it so that tonight, said hubby will transfer the data to an external drive, then wipe the laptop and do a clean installation of the operating system. (Apparently, there's some bad juju virus or something attacking Windows XP operating systems.)

    If we had tried the Geek Squad, my laptop would have been DOA!


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