one more stupid baby name

One More Stupid Baby Name

one more stupid baby nameWould the world keep turning without the addition of one more stupid baby name? Thanks to Pete Wentz, we can put off finding out for one more day. He and girlfriend Meagan Camper have named their newborn Marvel Jane Wentz. Was Intellectual Property Infringement already taken?

She joins big brother Saint Lazslo and half-brother Bronx Mowgli, who was featured in Stupid Baby Names Part Duh, the followup to our original Stupid Baby Name Generator, Zuma Nesta Rock Paper Scissors Edition.

I foresee a childhood of superhero-themed birthday parties and Halloween costumes which will be sporadically documented in Us Weekly magazine until we all forget who Pete Wentz is (again) or he fathers another child and names it something crazy, whichever comes first. (How do I know this will happen? Just like I predicted the divorce of Wentz and then-wife Ashley Simpson: I’m psychic.)

I trust Marvel will be sent to an exclusive private school, where she won’t be teased by her classmates because they too are saddled with ridiculous names meant to brand them as exceptional. I do hope she’ll get along with my little one, Hashtag Srsly.

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