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Another Good Band Name

Another good band name, this one taken from the license of a New York City cab driver:

Milky Kaiser

I’m not sure which was is his first name but either way, it’s awesome!

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Magick Sandwich

7 More Good Band Names

In case you’re thinking about dragging out your dusty guitar and playing at your neighbor’s barbecue this Independence Day, Magick Sandwich has the ready-made band name for you.

Culled from the Captcha words everyone is forced to enter to prove they’re not robots, these names are sure to be a hit, or at least hip in the sense that no one will understand what they mean:

mangy somalis

Smedley that

Lite guffaw

Mr. quasi

dating Mary

litical trashcan

and my favorite:

promotable ruminant

Got any good Captcha band names or poetry? Please share it here and have a safe and happy Fourth of July. Don’t play with fireworks; having less than the full complement of fingers is never a good look.

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Magick Sandwich

7 Good Band Names

Every once in a while, a random neural misfire results in an excellent name for a band. Since I lack the talent or volition to form one, I share the fruits of my daydreams with you.

Discount Buddha

Fugue State

Phantom Booger

Pharm Animals

Soylent Greenpeace

Knuckle of Dung

I also like Buzz Slaw, which I imagine as a punk band formed by a group of deli workers.

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