7 More Good Band Names

In case you’re thinking about dragging out your dusty guitar and playing at your neighbor’s barbecue this Independence Day, Magick Sandwich has the ready-made band name for you.

Culled from the Captcha words everyone is forced to enter to prove they’re not robots, these names are sure to be a hit, or at least hip in the sense that no one will understand what they mean:

mangy somalis

Smedley that

Lite guffaw

Mr. quasi

dating Mary

litical trashcan

and my favorite:

promotable ruminant

Got any good Captcha band names or poetry? Please share it here and have a safe and happy Fourth of July. Don’t play with fireworks; having less than the full complement of fingers is never a good look.

Band names galore:
7 Good Band Names

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  1. Unfinished Rambler
    Unfinished Rambler says:

    dating Mary: you always have to push the envelope, don't you? You know I'm Catholic, right? Jesus, Mary and Joseph! ;)

  2. HermanTurnip
    HermanTurnip says:

    I've always been partial to:

    The Time Ants
    Monkey Puzzle
    Motorman 11341 (from the French Connection)
    Front Toward Enemy
    Superman's Got A Gun

    Just a few that I've been toying with :-)

  3. Lidian
    Lidian says:

    Here's the captcha for this comment, which would be good, too: Cycati. This is a lost 80s all-girl metal/punk band (said she, not knowing what in the world she was talking about – not that this ever stops me)

  4. JD at I Do Things
    JD at I Do Things says:

    Promotable Ruminant? I think I saw them at Taste of Chicago last year.

    One of my favorite band names (that I came up with all by myself) is The Hip Flexors. Geddit? There are 2 meanings, like with all good band names. Ah, who am I kidding. It's nowhere near as good as Promotable Ruminants.

  5. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    @Herman: Monkey Puzzle is great. I've always wanted to name a band Wire Mother after the old monkey experiments.

    And I like Superman's Got a Gun because, really, why would he need one?

    @Lidian: I think I've heard of that band. Seriously, I was in a blackout through most of the 1980s so if you told me I did, I'd believe you.

    @John: I think CAPTCHA could be the word of God. Why not? I used to have a gerbil named Godot. Nobody got it.

    @JD: I like Hip Flexors. I'm now the right age to be in that band. Instead of smoking joints before a gig, we could all take supplements to lubricate them.

    But you're right, promotable ruminant is so cool. I wish I'd come up with it, not the CAPTCHA god.

    @Jay: At least there's no visual Captcha because right now I'm picturing Chris Martin dry humping Bono with Daughtry curled up and shivering in the corner. I can't help that my brain makes me see these things.


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