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Hello, world!

So everyone will know where I am during Michael Jackson’s memorial service, which I’m sure is very important to you all, I am blogging to you from my Blackberry while taking a dump…at Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Well, outside it. They’ve got golden Port-O-Sans out here. It’s pretty plush.

There is so much sadness here. I see it on the faces of parents who must now go back to playing the lottery. Some lobbed their young boys at the passing funeral cortege in a last desperate attempt at pimpdom. I see it also on the faces of the children, who will never know the joy of shaking hands with MJ’s mottled Mr. Happy.

Such a sad day.

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  1. cg5280
    cg5280 says:

    OK, I know this will get me branded as vicious or something worse, but…did anyone else feel like his daughter's "heartbreaking" little speech at the end was forced, rehearsed, or faked? I'm sorry, but I didn't see any genuine sadness or tears on her face, and to me, it just smacked of bad acting. Moments before, she was standing there looking incredibly bored — she was futzing with her purse, and when Janet took her hand (in what looked like a move to make her stop), she started playing with Janet's bracelet. Look, I know we all grieve in different ways and believe me, I don't *want* to sound so cynical, but I can't shake this feeling.

  2. dana
    dana says:

    Joe and I stopped at a restaurant called SOUL FOOD. I walked in and stopped dead in my tracks. I'm so white I look like a Qtip in a snowstorm and this little shack was full of Floridian african-americans watching the ceremony and crying, sobbing, saying "Lawd, Lawd" and suddenly……there we were……We ordered fried green tomatoes and fried pickles…..and watched the ceremony and heaved a sigh of relief when we left. I'm sure they did too. We're dumb hicks. What can I say.


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