peeve smelly facial tissue

A Peeve

peeve smelly facial tissue
Facial tissue that smells bad: Why?

The manufacturer has to have some idea that you’re going to be using it under your nose.

Why not make sure it smells okay? How hard can that be?

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Man in the Mirror

Isn’t it odd that the only thing Michael Jackson did for race relations was to try to change himself from one to the other?

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Separate but Equal

I just want my opposable thumbs to get along.

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Stealth Porn

I find exercise videos and instructional manuals offensive. They’re so graphic.

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To Reconstitute Man?

I can’t figure out Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. When I add water, they just turn into a soupy mess.

I would think they would’ve improved the technology by now.

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Ask the Right Question

Instead of asking if Bruce Willis, at 54, is too old for his bride, 30-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Emma Heming, we should be asking this: Isn’t she too old to be a model?

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Unsung Bodily Functions Part 1

I think flatulence has earned our respect. Think how far it had to travel just to remind you that you had a taco for lunch.