Sandwich Fixins #2

Pringles Can Magick Sandwich


Fun Fact:

The remains of Fredric Baur, the man who invented the Pringles can, are buried in a Pringles can.



Online game to end hunger

Vocabulary Fun for a Good Cause:

For each word you define correctly, the United Nations’ World Food Bank will donate ten grains of rice to help feed the world’s hungry.


Because You Know You Want To:


Because You Know You Want To:

Buy John Waters: Place Space, a book of photos taken by Todd Oldham.

Mr. Waters, you are my Jesus of filth. I accept that you, my personal savior, choose to shun dentistry. But, if it be thy will, could you please get Mr. Oldham to reconsider his own unfortunate orthodontia? I know he’ll listen to you, and those things could really hurt somebody!


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Sandwich Fixins

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