Great Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

It’s that time of year again, when you’re under a mountain of debt and Christmas calls on you to open your heart and your coffers one more time. Let Magick Sandwich help you dazzle your family and friends with the best, most thoughtful gifts of all. Then you can go back to dreaming of a bonus that will bail you out when your bills come due.

For your childless buddy who needs some days off:Office Kid kit“Businesses lose up to $4 billion annually to employee absenteeism due to childcare problems.” — The Welfare-to-Work Partnership

Is it fair that the rest of us should have to pick up the slack? Thanks to the makers of The Office Kid, the answer is a resounding NO! They say, “You’ll soon find that exploiting the joys of parenthood has never been easier. With one simple kit, you can do as your coworkers do–make excuses, miss work and blame it all on your kid.”

For your fashion-obsessed tween:

Louboutin BarbieCobbler to the stars Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Barbie to create this limited edition Cat Burglar Barbie. She comes with a collection of 4 red-soled Louboutins, including ankle boots, peep-toes and knee-high boots. Barbie comes with a stand and is presented in a brown designer-style box with a copy of Christian and Barbie’s travel journal.

At $150, this is much cheaper than a real pair of Louboutin’s sadistic five inch heels. Unfortunately, Cat Burglar Barbie is sold out at the moment. (I, for one, am dying to read her travel journal!) You can sign up on net-a-porter to find out when she’s back in stock. And just to get a jump on next year’s gift, maybe you’d better put the stripper pole on layaway.

For the kids’ next sleepover:tauntaun sleeping bagThe Tauntaun sleeping bag is a great way to introduce the little ones to the great Star Wars series. Oh, who are we kidding? You want one for yourself! And the folks over at ThinkGeek know it because they’ve made it adult size.

The inside is printed to look like intestines and it comes with a lightsaber zipper pull so you can reenact Han Solo cutting it open—it’s dead already so back off, PETA people—to save Luke Skywalker from freezing to death on the planet Hoth. Have “Luke” rip a Silent But Deadly fart so you can utter Han’s famous line: “I thought they…smelled bad…on the outside.”

For the friend fed up with the holiday:Pontius Pilate soap

This big bar of Pontius Pilate soap by Atypyk should have him washing his hands straight through to Easter.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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13 replies
  1. Brian o vretanos
    Brian o vretanos says:

    Every office seems to have at least one person who truly deserves that soap – the one who seems to spend all their time persuading people that whatever they want him to do isn't his responsibility.

  2. slommler
    slommler says:

    Wonderful gift ideas!! LOL!! That Barbie has my interest but I don't think my granddaughters would appreciate the satire! They want clothes in copious quantities! {sigh} But it is fun shopping for them, especially when they provide the wish list. It is a no-brainer! Hugs

  3. Unfinished Rambler
    Unfinished Rambler says:

    Pontius Pilate soap? Wow. Who knew?

    On a separate note, still loving your movie notes over at Netflix. You need to do a movie review here…or combine a couple of those from Netflix for over here.

  4. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    @slommler: They give Barbie's dimensions on the website so you could see if the other clothes could fit her. That's if you really want to drop $150 on a Barbie!

    @Venom: I know. I really want that sleeping bag for myself. The photos on the website are really funny.

    @unfinished: I gave the soap to my hubby. I couldn't wait until Christmas. He loves it.

    You must be psychic because I was just poting a new Netflix note and thinking I should do another mini movie review post….

  5. dana
    dana says:

    Dear Santa, I would like the PONTIUS PILOT soap so that I can wash my hands of the entire damn christmas mess while I drink REALLY hot coffee from the "I WISH I WAS DEAD" coffee cup while cleaning my gun. What could possibly go wrong…..


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