Don’t Cry for Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner wipes away tear

Anthony Weiner is finally going to resign. I think he should have done it much sooner. That he didn’t is an indication of his arrogance; to believe he could stay in office was as delusional as the idea he could take and send photos of his shaved genitalia and never get caught.

There’s already a wave of protest online. He didn’t break any laws. Republicans David Vitter, Mark Sanford, and Larry Craig did not resign over infidelity, soliciting prostitutes and lying about it. This is true, with an important exception. Use of government computers and smartphones to send photos and messages would be actionable.

I’m not convinced that a person who used Facebook and Twitter so inappropriately would be able to control the urge–to draw the line–at the office. I think Mr. Weiner may have known that was going to be exposed in the internal investigation.

Did anyone believe him when he denied sending the first crotch photo but said he could not say with certitude whether said crotch was his? That’s parsing the truth on a Clintonian level.

I just want to pause for a moment to address Ginger Lee, the porn actress who exchanged hundreds of emails with Congressman Weiner.

Gloria Allred Ginger Lee Anthony Weiner

Ms. Lee, he asked you to lie about your communications, offered to get you PR help and sent you a statement to give to the press saying he’d sent you only one short message thanking you for your support.

So you held a press conference with Gloria Effing Allred and announced that he always steered your conversations toward sex. Ms. Lee? You’re a porn star! What else would he talk to you about? Spinoza?

Geez, what a messed up world we live in. Sometimes it seems more suited to a Monty Python skit than to objective reality. It would be funny if it weren’t news. In our post-ironic you betcha society, humor, and self-awareness cede more ground every day to empty heads and earnest ignorance.

In the midst of this, a well-endowed Jewish legislator got caught waving his wiener. At a press conference this afternoon, he will wave the white flag. Hopefully, he’ll keep his pants on this time.

2:25 pm Update:

He just resigned and I have to say that I feel terrible for him. The heckling was obscene. Whatever I feel about this man’s failings, he didn’t deserve that indignity. (Yes, I know how ironic that sounds.) He bore up surprisingly well in the face of inexcusable behavior by many of those in the room. There could have been no more cruel blow to his ego. I’m glad his wife wasn’t there. I hate to think what questions would have been hurled at her. I’m sure there will be much speculation about her absence. I hope they have a supportive group around them. Certainly, none of them were in evidence in that room today.

June 17, 2018 Update:

>Who knew at the time it could get so, so much worse? Apparently, abject humiliation was an aphrodisiac for Weiner. He got off on the Danger, so to speak. On September 10, 2013, he lost the Democratic primary after receiving less than 5 percent of the vote.

On July 31, 2015, Weiner sexted a photo of his erection, mercifully clothed, with his three-year-old son in bed next to him. It surfaced in the New York Post on August 29, 2016. Hours later, his wife announced she was leaving him. Today, Weiner’s son spent Father’s Day visiting his dad in federal prison, where he’s serving a 21-month term for “sexting” a minor.

This dumb prick and his proud owner have wreaked havoc on a global scale. Huma Abedin worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Weiner’s use of her work computer to send pics of himself in flagrante de-dick-to enabled the FBI to reopen its fruitless investigation into Clinton’s alleged email server abuse just days before the election and helped Donald J. Trump become president.

Putin, send your thank-you card to: Inmate #79112-054, c/o FMC Devens, Federal Medical Center, PO Box 879, Ayer, MA 01432.

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9 replies
  1. Jen
    Jen says:

    Now I will be singing "Don't Cry for me Argentina" all day.

    I didn't think he was all that well endowed, nothing to write home about or splash all over Twitter.

    As for Ms. Lee…She's just being used again by Ms Effing Allred. Weiner is a dumbass and all that but for some reason it is Ms Allred's entrance into this mess that really irritates me.

  2. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    Jen, I am so happy you got that reference! (It's stuck in my head now, too.)

    He looked well-endowed in the first photo. The others were too distasteful to share. Let's just say he trimmed the foliage to make the tree seem bigger.

    Allred annoys me because she's a woman in the spotlight and I want to support her. I want her to represent us well. She's a fame whore.

    I think the trouble started with Jeannie Pirro and continues with Bachmann Turner Overdrive–there's a new earworm for you–and the winking polyp Sarah Palin.

  3. Margaret (Nanny Goats)
    Margaret (Nanny Goats) says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Jen because I couldn't help but notice how the syllables matched up so well with Evita's version. I haven't seen the press conference yet, but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled to see if I wind up feeling bad for the guy, because I sure don't right now. I'm flipping through all the channels now and all I'm getting is live coverage of the "other Anthony" trial.

  4. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    Margaret: I was watching New York News Channel 1, normally guaranteed to drive you insane with its constant repetition. I saw it live but I imagine that the expletives and obscene questions will be edited for most news programs.

    I know that Weiner didn't act with any dignity or respect for the damage he could cause to his constituents or the Democratic Party.

    However, I felt sick to my stomach at the treatment he got. It wasn't a town hall meeting–attendees should have been vetted. Not just because they could humiliate him but because of security concerns.

    He did well but I think it was his ego that made him believe a press conference was a good idea. He should have released a statement, in my opinion.

  5. kathcom
    kathcom says:

    SueAnn: I think there will be more dirt before this is done.

    Laura: You're right. You'd think Democrats would have this attitude, too. They are supposed to be godless liberals, right? They should be cool with this.

    mobile phone: Thank you. Your website is nice. Weiner did send photos from his cell so I guess this is relevant.

    mary: You always tell me the nicest things about myself. I think if I could get rid of one or the other I'd get through life more easily.


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