Rush Limbaugh Douche of the Week

Rush Limbaugh – Douche of the Week

It’s easy to say that we should stop paying attention to Rush Limbaugh, that by repeating his hateful speech, we are keeping him on the national stage. If you believe that, then I’ve got news for you. A lot of people listen to him and he’s not going away. His rhetoric needs to be dragged […]

crybaby stupid baby names

Stupid Baby Names Part Duh

At Magick Sandwich, we’ve been amassing new baby names since our stupid baby name generator featuring Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale posted a year ago. First up is Bronx Mowgli Wentz, son of soon-to-be split Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. (How do I know they’ll divorce? I’m psychic.) As Us Weekly reported at […]

Magick Sandwich

Robert Novak is Dead

Robert Novak, the right-wing “journalist” who outed Valerie Plame (with Karl Rove’s assistance) has died of brain cancer. I hope they cut out his tumor and throw it a parade.

Magick Sandwich

Armageddon Time

Magick Sandwich is experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by. I guess it was inevitable that something on my computer would become corrupted. Look who it’s been associating with all these years. While we are metaphorically stuck between floors listening to The Girl from Ipanema, I suggest you check out the Manhattan Airport Foundation, an organization […]

peeve smelly facial tissue

A Peeve

Facial tissue that smells bad: Why? The manufacturer has to have some idea that you’re going to be using it under your nose. Why not make sure it smells okay? How hard can that be?

Magick Sandwich

Sandwich Fixins #7

Refrigeration broke down on the Magick Sandwich delivery truck and all the yummiest stuff got spoiled. So it’s back to salt and ketchup packets today, as we give you another handful of fixins: How much waste is created in the making of those high-minded recyclable shopping bags? They’re everywhere. Do you think Rite Aid cares […]

Magick Sandwich

Man in the Mirror

Isn’t it odd that the only thing Michael Jackson did for race relations was to try to change himself from one to the other? Related posts: Where Were You? Elton John, Funeral Whore, To Sing at Michael Jackson’s Service

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