Magick Sandwich

Sandwich Fixins #5

At almost every supermarket checkout counter, there are signs saying, “Go Green. Skip the Plastic.” If plastic bags are so bad, shouldn’t we give this advice to dog owners as well? I’m only saying this because I would love to take a walk and see people bent over, fingers spread like a catcher’s mitt, waiting […]

Scent of a Trekkie

Scent of a Yeoman

Be a Trekkie or just smell like one with this new cologne from Genki Wear. (Arguing that the correct term is Trekker does not make you cool.) Other scents in the series include Tiberius to help one emulate the je ne sais quois of a certain starship captain who’s popular with all manner of space […]

good rush bad rush

Begin the Day With a Friendly Voice

There should be only one Rush to rule the airwaves. Up with Lee, Lifeson and Peart! Down with hate-mongering Limbaugh!   More: Stop Picking on Rush Limbaugh!

Magick Sandwich

Ask the Right Question

Instead of asking if Bruce Willis, at 54, is too old for his bride, 30-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Emma Heming, we should be asking this: Isn’t she too old to be a model?

Magick Sandwich

Unsung Bodily Functions Part 1

I think flatulence has earned our respect. Think how far it had to travel just to remind you that you had a taco for lunch.

Magick Sandwich

Just for Fun

At a champagne brunch, ask for a virgin mimosa.

Magick Sandwich

Faith Reconsidered

I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. But not a new flower per drop, of course. That would be a doomsday scenario for the human race, pretty flowers choking out all life as we know it. Except possibly bees.

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