Magick Sandwich

Don’t Mess with Mamet

It seems Jeremy Piven wished to be excused early from the run of David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow on Broadway. He was just exhausted and incidentally wanted to attend the Golden Globe ceremony. The schedule was adjusted so that he could attend, tired though he might be, then return and finish his couple of weeks as the […]

SNUS logo

Straight from the Sucker Files: SNUS

Looking for a brand new outlet for your nicotine addiction? Camel’s got you covered. It’s got an old nag dressed up like a new pony and it’s called SNUS. What is this product? It’s a fine moist tobacco that you place beneath your upper lip. It comes in packets so there’ll be no telltale tobacco […]

Fuck the Rain umbrella girl

An Umbrella for Psychos: Product of the Week

Your child will be a hit with her classmates when you send her to school with this umbrella from Art.Lebedev Studio, aptly named “Fuck the Rain.” Just don’t be surprised if you end up having to explain yourself to Child Protective Services. Meanwhile, there’s another umbrella on sale if you want to work out some […]

Listening to Limbaugh

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama. Of course, Rush Limbaugh couldn’t keep his stupid mouth shut about it. He wrote the following to Politico’s Jonathan Martin: Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race… OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, […]

scrotal deodorant wash product of week

Scrotal Deodorant Wash: Product of the Week

Guys, place your orders for Man Junk, a new organic crotch wash made just for your schwantz, taint and family jewels. Here’s a bit of the ad copy: How nice would it be, knowing that your significant other or one-night stand (hey, we’re not perfect either) is pleasantly surprised instead of trying not to breathe […]

Monetize This!

Am I having fun yet? I’ve spent the last few hours “monetizing” the heck out of my blog. It now looks like a gaudy Google Christmas tree. There is some humor value in tarting up my page, especially when a pro-Palin ad gets dropped on a screed about her gibbering bacterial culture of a life. […]

Lehman Brothers emergency evacuation kit

Sandwich Fixins #3

It’s that time again when I’ve got lots of filler but nothing sandwich-worthy. So here it is, another serving of fixins! ***** I think Rudy Giuliani should buy a Porsche so he can say, “Hi, I’m Rudy and this is my 9-11.” It would give him one more way to bring up his favorite topic. […]

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